Top Ten Annual Events in New York City

1. Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree

Rockefeller Centre Christmas TreeSeeing one of those big Christmas trees on the television will most definitely be a sight to remember as it is only once a year that Christmas trees get their chance to be displayed. Seeing it in real life is even more impressive especially at the Rockefeller Centre in New York where a 75 foot (or taller) Norway Spruce with branches filled with stunning multi colored blinking lights. If interested in the lighting ceremony of this gigantic tree, be at the Rockefeller Centre on the 28th November roughly around 8.50pm but after that night, any night until 8th January the tree will be fully decorated accompanied by a row of trumpeting angels in the Channel Gardens with ice skaters sliding around below the tree is just like a scene from a Hollywood movie.

2. Easter Parade

Easter ParadeThis entertaining parade takes place annually on the 23rd March, where parade participants where the most ridiculous of outfits but this is the only place where one would get away with looking outrageous! Even better, the outfits and costumes reach new heights every year! Used to be only for social elites but that is no longer the case, anyone and everyone are free to join in, that is of course if you wear an outfit that would sure to catch eyes and attention of spectators.
Location: From 49th to 57th Street, Fifth Avenue
Time: 10.00am-4.00pm

3. Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film FestivalTribeca Film Festival originated from the ideas of Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff in response to the 9/11 terrorist attack, where over 200 films are screened within two weeks of the festival, it has proven to be very successful. Not only are films shown, but there are also lots of film related events and activities for visitors to enjoy. If any of the audience has opinions or ideas, they can share them with the directors, the cast and crew who are always on hand for Q & A sessions. Films are both domestic and international though they are equally good and should not be missed if you happened to be around New York at that time.
Location: Box office , 13-17B Laight St , New York, NY
Admission Pricing: Hudson Pass- $1,100; Family Film Pass, Adult- $60, under 14- $30; Day Timer Pass- $150; Individual Tickets $12-$30

4. Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the ParkFor those who love theatre especially the works of the great William Shakespeare, this is a creation of the renowned Public Theater Company offering two supreme productions every year. Ever since it began, the Public Theater Company has entertained audiences in Central Park with free viewing of plays such as Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet and other big names from Shakespeare. Another attractive aspect of this is the fact that some plays include big name Hollywood stars that come and perform exclusively for theatre lovers.
Location: Central Park
Contact: Tel- +1 212 539 8750, Fax- +1 212 360 2754

5. JVC Jazz Festival New York

JVC Jazz Festival New YorkUnlike hip hop or rock music, jazz is a genre of music that could be listened to and enjoyed by anyone at any age. This jazz festival takes place in the summer where jazz maniacs can enjoy the bright sunshine, the warm weather and soothing jazz music, all together at the same time! JVC Jazz Festival celebrates all types of jazz that are performed around the world, the lineup is also rather impressive with famous acts like The Del McCoury Band and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. There are also mini concerts available in jazz clubs such as Iridium, Smoke and the Blue Note, larger scale concerts are held at the Carnegie Hall.
Location: Carnegie Hall 881 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019
Contact: Tel +1 212 247 7800
Pricing: $12-$90, prices vary according to events

6. Macy’s 4th July Fireworks

Macy’s 4th July FireworksAmerica’s birthday is celebrated in a very classy style with Macy’s offering spectacular fireworks for everybody. This fireworks show lasts approximately around one hour where spectators can witness thousands of fireworks launched form barges on the East River. Not only this but with assistance from the New York Fire Department, fireboats spray red, white and blue streams in the sky to show patriotism. This fireworks display can be seen from either side of the East River but Hunter’s Point in Queens and Greenpoint in Brooklyn are recommended as the skylines of Manhattan sits perfectly in the background. A truly stunning display of fireworks and a wonderful way to celebrate America’s birthday.
Location: Between 14th and 42nd Sts, Franklin D. Roosevelt Dr, New York, NY
Contact: Tel- +1 212 494 4495
Pricing: $12-$90, prices vary according to events

7. U.S Open Tennis

U.S Open  TennisThe U.S Open is the world’s wealthiest tennis tournament for world class professionals though amateurs are also eligible to compete. The likes of Federer, Nadal, Henin and Sharapova (yes please!) will compete for the title of Champion at this prominent tournament. A two week tournament that will sure to captivate all kinds of drama and emotions available on the court, and many tennis fans will agree to the fact that the finals here at Flushing Meadows is the most exciting and will sure to stay with you for a long, long time.
Location: USTA National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadow Parks, Flushing, NY 11351
Contact: Tel- +1 212 494 4495
Pricing: $12-$90, prices vary according to events

8. New York’s Village Halloween Parade

New York’s Village Halloween ParadeThis is the home of the world’s biggest and most famous Halloween parade and it is not a surprise that it is in New York! The parade takes place in Sixth Avenue where on Halloween night, the avenue is full of evils such as ghosts, witches, warlocks etc. The parade starts on Spring Street, going along Sixth Avenue to 23rd Street, entertaining and frightening passers with their costumes of evil! If Halloween is your thing, come show off your supernatural costumes at this creepy parade!
Location: Six Avenue

9. Harlem Month

Harlem MonthThe history of African Americans in the United States has not been a pretty one, blurred by issues such as slavery, segregation and racism that exist to this very day. African Americans have had a hard time in America, with no social support early in their history, considered as second class citizens and Harlem was their centre point. A place where they were equal to one another, a place where the outside world of racism and discrimination do not exist. So it not a surprise then that a month long festival taking place every August, celebrating African, Caribbean and Latin culture including a fashion parade, Black Film Festival and the Taste of Harlem. If Black culture and history interests you, drag yourself here to understand the Harlem experience.
Location: Harlem, New York

10. New Year’s Eve in Times Square

New Year’s Eve in Times SquareNew Year’s Eve in any country around the world will sure to host a pretty rocking party and New York is no different. For reasons that are obvious to most people, New York seems like an ideal city to be celebrating the New Year as it is always lively and electrifying. Be one of the thousands of people wishing to count down the minutes and seconds left until the new year as this is a very famous location for a New Year’s Eve. Fireworks display are is offered to complete this renowned party.
Location: Times Square, New York