Top 10 Shopping in New York

1. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue is another excellent shopping district that should be visited if you are thinking of taking a holiday in New York. Most tourists who come to New York will head over to Fifth Avenue for a fun day of ridiculous shopping. Fifth Avenue has chic boutiques and many exclusive dining spots. Being one of the most famous avenues in the world, it is not a surprise that you would find the likes of Tiffany, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue or Cartier waiting for you to spend you money.

2. Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue The name Madison Avenue will at least ring a bell to a lot of people around the world, especially those who are addicted to shopping! It is very chic and posh running from 42nd street up to mid 90’s, this part of New York is famed for being the world’s most luxurious shopping district. Fifty or so blocks of European and American designer shops, fine art galleries, spas and salons, restaurants and lavish hotels, you can see why it is so popular amongst tourists. A trip here will leave your wallet feeling rather empty but definitely worth it.

3. Lower East Side

Lower East Side There are many districts in New York which claims to be the heart of world fashion, little did they know that the Lower East Side is New York’s district to determine what is the new trend, what is in or not and what is cool right now. Shops and storefronts that exist in Lower East Side today were not these chic boutiques that are filling up Lower East Side, as a matter of fact they were home to many ethnic bakeries, butchers and markets. Not only do people come to this area for shopping, there are many great café-bars that have become somewhat a Lower East Side trademark.

4. Chelsea Gallery District

Chelsea Gallery District This is an area for those who love and appreciate the beauty of art. Chelsea Gallery District is located in Chelsea’s far west side, approximately 13th Street all the way through to 29th Street and 11th Avenue have become one of New York City’s bona fide hot-spots for decent contemporary art. Most galleries here are known to be ‘name galleries’ with the likes of Priska C. Juschka Fine Art, John Connelly Presents etc. This is believed to give this District cutting edge credibility, making it a key area for students, artists and collectors to select their preferred piece to take home with.

5. Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market This gigantic brick building between 15th and 16th Street used to be quarters of the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) from 1890 right until the late 1950’s. Though today, the ground floor has been transformed into a European style shopping market where merchants specialize in flowers, fine wine, kitchen supplies, Italian gelato, French pastries, produce and butchered meat. There are also many fine restaurants, live music and even tango dancing! These activities have to be checked because the time is not always set.

6. Hell’s Kitchen (Clinton)

Hell’s Kitchen (Clinton) This section of Midtown west has it fair shares of colourful history, after all look at the name of this place, where else in the world would you come close to a district called Hell’s Kitchen? Answer: New York City! Many years ago (and some feel it still goes on today) these blocks where connected to the New York underworld scene, and it was normal to see rival gangs settling out their differences. This is no longer an important issue today, as the real fight isn’t between rival gangs but between people fighting over luxury condos! Hell’s Kitchen had its renovation and now it is a very cool area that are occupied by young and upcoming business professionals, the old stores are now lavish boutiques, entertaining bars and decent restaurants. There is also the Anex/Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market specializing in antiques and vintage clothing.

7. Soho

Soho This area is considered to be one of Manhattan’s youngest neighbourhoods, Soho is located on the southern area of Houston Street (apparently pronounced as House-ton). A wander around this area may make you think that this is an old, abandoned area of the city as endless rows of cast iron columns and outwardly abandoned warehouses but you will soon discover that it is actually one of the city’s trendiest areas. Modernized warehouse lofts with large windows, high ceilings and a big space very that has provent o be rather popular with the hip, younger crowd.

8. Union Square

Union SquareUnion Square has proven over many years that it is very popular amongst both locals and tourists. This area of town is surrounded by excellent restaurants and chic boutique shops. The park is home to the rather well-liked Greenmarket where virtually all types of botanical goods are available. Annually, from 24th November right up to 24th December, there is a busy holiday market, offering designer handbags to hand crafted ornaments. Historically, the Square’s main purpose was for political rallies and street corner orators, like Speaker’s Corner by Hyde Park in London. After the horrific September 11 terrorist attacks, it has hosted candle light vigils honoring the victims of the tragic event.
Opening Times: Park, daily for 24 hours/ Greenmarket, Monday-Wednesday-Saturday 8.00am-6.00pm, Saturday 11.00am-7.00pm/Holiday Market (24th November-24th December) Monday-Friday 11.00am-8.00pm, Saturday 11.00am-8.00pm, Sunday 11.00am-7.00pm

9. NoLIta

NoLItaBack in the days, blocks and streets around here were merely an extension to Little Italy. Today, it has assumed an identity of its own. No longer are the streets filled with traditional grocery stores or neighborhood cobbler, it has been replaced with newer, trendier, chic boutique shops. Offering all kinds of clothes, fashion accessories that you may not be able to find in leading department stores, this place may just be the place to find style setting clothes that may just turn heads when you get to wear them. Certainly should not be missed if a trip to New York has a spot on your calendar.
Location: Mott Street

10. Chinatown

Chinatown This is by far the Big Apple’s most famous ethnic neighborhood which is always energetic and filled with what seems like a whole army of people! Its attractions and sounds can be identified very easily: Chinese conversations; the ever present decorations in red and buildings resembling pagodas; signs portraying Chinese characters that could never be mistaken for something else! Adding more excitement to the area are lots of outdoor markets and street vendors, offering everything from fresh produce, all kinds of meats, herbs and souvenirs.
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